Save time and energy with Vuototecnica’s new servo operated solenoid valves!


Power supply units, suction palletisers for production and logistics; vacuum thermoformers and vacuum packaging machines in the packaging industry; robots of all sorts, sheet feeders or bag openers. Vacuum technology can be applied to many fields in the industrial sector.

In all situations in which we use vacuum technology, the switch is of fundamental importance. Whether suction cups are used or not, to facilitate an easy exchange between the vacuum pump suction and the air intake into the circuit, solenoid valves which create vacuum and restore the atmospheric pressure to the desired level, according to applicative requirements are necessary. Ensuring quick and correct vacuum is not a simple task because response times are not always those we desire.

Today it is possible to optimise intervention times thanks to the new 3-way servo operated solenoid valves 2” and 3” GAS by Vuototecnica, to increase suction up to 600 cum/h.

No one like those working in the chamber vacuum packaging sector understands the importance of the concept of suction flow, which can only be ensured by real opening diameter of the vacuum solenoid valves.

Vuototecnica‘s 07 08 13 and 07 09 13 solenoid valves ensure real suction flow diameters of 50 and 80mm.

In addition to being extremely quick and efficient, they operate with a low consumption electric coil which allows for a significant savings in energy and simple PLC management.

For more info about the technical details of the new servo operated solenoid valves, consult; you will find all the new 2012 products in the “news” section.


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