The New Vuototecnica i-Phone and i-Pad applications have become an enormous success


Vuototecnica has arrived on the i-Phone and i-Pad markets with two applications that have won everyone’s approval in only a few weeks time, with over two hundred downloads in just under 15 days.

The Vacuum Solutions HD i-Pad application contains over 750 pages of the Vuototechnica catalogue, containing all of the available products, including vacuum cups, vacuum cup holders, vacuum adjustment, measurement and control instrumentation, valves and solenoid valves for vacuum applications, suction filters, fittings and tubes for vacuum applications, vacuum pumps and pumpsets, vacuum generators and pneumatic pumpsets, the Octopus vacuum gripping system, as well as all of the products offered by the Graphic Division and other specialty items. In short, these applications place the entire Vuototechnica product range at your fingertips, and are available in multiple languages and can even be consulted off-line, no matter where you are, with no need for an internet connection. What’s more, the bookmark, term search and text capture features ensure maximum ease of use.

The VT Calc i-Phone and i-Pad application is designed to suggest the minimum vacuum cup diameter required for the user’s purposes. By indicating the weight of the object to be handled, the number of vacuum cups, the vacuum level, the safety factors and the friction coefficient (which must obviously take into account the surface area of the object itself), the user will be provided with valuable advice regarding the type of vacuum cup that’s best suited to the use in question. The application is available in Italian, English, German, French and Spanish.

Both applications are available at the Apple Store. Try them out for yourself!


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