Vuototecnica is music to your ears


One of a speaker’s most important features is its membrane. The choice of the material and the treatment of the membrane are fundamental to the science of acoustics, because even a minimal conformation discrepancy can result in differences in the sound produced.

The membrane plays an essential role in the way the speaker will sound. For this reason, it is extremely important to use the utmost care when handling speakers that are designed to provide the best possible sound quality.

The gripping of these components is not as simple as one might think, as there is a serious risk of deforming or irreparably damaging the fragile materials.

Vuototecnica has created a vacuum gripping system for the sound industry designed to handle extremely fragile objects, such as membranes, which need to be handled with maximum care. The suction cups, which are based on Bernoulli’s principle, are made from anodized aluminium with a stainless steel central contrast disc. The conductive silicone spacers on the gripping surface prevent any lateral movements of the object.

The vacuum disks are available in different sizes and with different transverse forces. To find out more about the technical features of Vuototecnica’s products, download the catalogue online or from iTunes (for iPad only).


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