Saving energy in vacuum generation: MVG with energy saving cable


In the following video you can see two Vuototecnica MVG vacuum generators working on two suction cups with the task of holding some plastic half-shells.

Two energy saving cables are connected with MVG generators: they are perfect for reducing consumption.

When you reach the ideal degree of vacuum, the supply of compressed air is closed and it starts again in case of loss or when the vacuum level drops.

Thus, the ejectors work with pneumatic pulses and this makes them particularly competitive as regards the efficiency combined with a considerable energy saving. The degree of vacuum is maintained within the values set, saving compressed air.

MVG generators are autonomous vacuum units that are able to serve, in self-sustaining manner, a depression gripping system. They are very compact and have a very strong suction capacity considering their small size. They are ideal for industrial robotics sector where equipment with excellent performance but with much reduced weight and size are increasingly required.

MVG generators are connected to FCL in-line filters able to retain impurities and fine powders. Thanks to their shape they can be easily inspected and allow a greater visual control of all the points of suction of the machinery.



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