Octopus PJ stands for flexibility: it empties bags of bulk commodities


Octopus PJ vacuum gripping plates have extreme operational flexibility and we have been showning you some popular applications for several months on this blog, including the taking of bags with liquid or bulk products; and we also pointed out a big advantage: thanks to a delicate operation, Octopus does not break the packs, although it does the job quickly and safely.

Unless you require it. What do we mean?

In the video you can see Octopus PJ  in a new version. The Octopus head picks the sack full of product from the pallet and compresses it on a sharp tool in order to open the sack and store the powder in a container.
The empty bag is held and then released in the given area with ease.

The vacuum generator, here located on the Octopus head, is fed pneumatically through robot standard pneumatic ducts. As you can see, the gripping hand is very rational and compact. The deformation of the bag is almost equal to zero with minimum loss of vacuum. The lifting force is calculated considering a vacuum level of at least -75 Kpa.

Then there is the maximum customization of the product. The plates are made ​​of anodized aluminum and you can replace them if necessary with others, in different sizes and shapes, in a simple way.

Do you want to replicate this application or try a new one? Contact our staff to customize the product according to your needs.


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