Suck and transport glue granules, shavings and grains thanks to CX flow generators


You can see in the video, an application of Vuototecnica CX25 flow generators.

The system is designed for the pneumatic transport in suction and pressure of glue granules, in a simple and effective way.

As you can see, CX generators have been grafted on the transportation pipeline of grains and they are powered by compressed air at only 2 bar pressure.

8_095The lack of moving parts also allows continuous use, without heat.
They do not need electricity, therefore they can also be used in environments, that are subjected to risk of fire or explosion.

They can also be useful to carry, for several meters, other types of material: wood pellets and powders with considerable difference in height, for example. They have a simple maintenance, and are also available in stainless steel for the transport of highly abrasive powders.
See specifications and diagrams relating to the different quantities of sucked and blown air, the degree of vacuum and the air consumption, at different supply pressures. Vuototecnica staff is at your disposal.


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