Altisystem and Vuototecnica solve problems in automation in the textile sector, too


The following video tells us about an application born from the successful collaboration between Vuototecnica and a distributor partner from Latina (Lazio, Italy), Atilsystem.

In the video, you can see a machine for sorting strips of fabric, equipped with a Vuototecnica CX50 flow generator; its purpose is to simply dispose the waste materials.

The customer used previously the conveyor belt that you can see sideways to the outlet tube of discarded fabrics. But misfeeds were commonplace, as the types of tissue could be very different.

The difficulty in disposing of waste materials was completely overcome with Vuototecnica CX50.

These flow generators, which exploit the tire principle called “Coanda effect”, allow the transfer of bulk products, allow the suction of smokes and condense, refrigerating fogs but also machining residues such as chips and dust.

Atilsystem proposed CX50 to end customer because, despite being fed low pressure (2-3 bar), is enough to suck and convey with ease any kind of tissue.

The collaboration with the distributor partner of Latina is a clear example of practical cooperation between Vuototecnica and its trading partners, to the benefit of the end customer, that can be followed step by step and find the solutions best suited to his case.

To learn more about Atilsystem and the collaboration with Vuototecnica, you can read the interview we did to Mr. Flavio Ferrandes:

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