Vuototecnica at the Drupa exhibition in Düsseldorf: solutions for the graphics and industrial printing


drupa16_VuototecnicaVuototecnica is back from Düsseldorf, from the Drupa exhibition, the main event for the graphics and industrial printing, a reference for the entire printing industry.

10_015PA/PS pneumatic pumps, fixed on customer’s robots, aroused great public interest because of their characteristics.

They allow saving up to 40% of compressed air and 80% less noise (60-65dB). It is possible to determine the degree of vacuum (or pressure) and the flow rate in function of the supply air pressure and, if desired, to manage pumps with proportional valves for compressed air, to limit the consumption to the minimum, according to the characteristics of the paper.

In addition, the PA/PS pumps can also be installed on the machine and only need a periodic filter cleaning.

All qualities that the customers in Düsseldorf did not miss.

If you are interested in Vuototecnica solutions for the graphics industry, please read other post on products that we have already seen here on the blog: In particular:

– Vacuum cylinders with suction cups for scrolling through stacks of sheets, which separate the paper continuously and fast, in progression, without creating deformations or breakages on the surface;

1_145gruppo– BEC Bernoulli suction cups, without contact, for the separation and translation of particularly porous sheets, for which, in general, the contact with the suction cups or grippers would be problematic.

You will find a wide range of specific suction cups, too. To know all the solutions dedicated to printing and graphics, you can download the Vacuum solutions catalogue on


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