With the arrival of the bad season, as usual, building materials companies have to struggle with adverse weather conditions that often can cause great economic damage and unwanted stops.

Vuototecnica has a solution for every industrial sector and every adversity and it has designed foam rubber suction cups, capable of an excellent grip even in adverse weather conditions, for the movement of outdoor building materials.

Their special compound has a density that allows the grip even on irregular and very rough surfaces and it can maintain its elasticity even after countless work cycles.

They are ideal for handling loads with rough surfaces such as sawn, bushhammered or flamed marbles, embossed sheets, anti-slip or corrugated sheets, striated plexiglas, rough concrete products, garden tiles with grit on the surface, and they can work at temperatures that are prohibitive for other suction cups or grip solutions: from -40 ° C to +80 ° C.

If you need grip solutions for outdoor work, consult the catalog or contact Vuototecnica designers for a customized solution.