You chose your ideal vacuum pump, thanks to application-based parameters, and now you find yourself calculating the life cycle of the product.

But specifically what does the life cycle cost of a pump include?

First of all, the purchase cost, which, however, generally represents a minimal part of the total life cycle cost.

Logic and experience say that a low initial cost does not necessarily mean a low life cycle cost.

If you buy a product with low energy efficiency, in fact, over the years you will certainly have an energy cost that exceeds the cost of purchasing an energy efficient pump.

We must also consider the costs of maintenance: the work of the technicians, spare parts, revisions and all that is needed for the machine to work optimally.

Vuototecnica RVP pumps, for example, are characterized by much lower spare parts costs than German vacuum pumps manufacturers, and end users find them cheaper and simpler in terms of maintenance.

Finally, as already mentioned, there are energy costs: the most important parameter, the one that can really lead to savings on the total cost of the life cycle.

Also in this case Vuototecnica thinks about its customers, thanks to cutting-edge high energy saving products.

Vuototecnica helps its customers to better consider life cycle costs.

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