Vacuum applications are numerous. And the medical-sports field is no exception.

Vacuum can be used for example to immobilize players in the field, quickly (in general every type of patient), in case of critical fractures for which a movement could mean atrocious pains or in the worst case scenario even a paralysis for life.

Whether it is a dislocated shoulder or wrist fractures or damage to the spine, vacuum can eliminate the air around the injured area, and then transport the patient to the hospital quickly and practically.

While other rescuers are still struggling to apply traditional splints, with the use of vacuum, in a few seconds the patient is immobilized and the chances of damage to nerves, tissues and vessels are also reduced.

It adapts to the patient, instead of manipulating the patient to adapt it to the splint.

In many sports, especially violent ones, such as American football, it is a solution that has already been successfully adopted.

And many others are the uses of vacuum in medical and aesthetic fields. If you want to know more, contact Vuototecnica designers on


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