Bernoulli suction cups: it’s not magic, it’s a project

In the video below you can see Vuototecnica Bernoulli suction cups in the handling of rusks. Given the friability and delicacy of...

Vacuum cylinders for the printing / packaging industry

Today we introduce this application of Vuototecnica vacuum cylinders dedicated to operators in the printing / packaging industry, to press, and to anyone who has to handle and move sheets of paper...

Octopus handling all packaging formats

As you already know, regular readers of our blog, Octopus customization pushed to the maximum point thanks to the realization of gripping hands using a 3D printer. We already...

Moving glass jars from the pallet to the conveyor belt is simple with Octopus

Moving object files to and from pallets is not easy. Palletizing objects from different types of pallets can cause a problem of coplanarity on the gripping surface,...
Auguri di Natale

Vuototecnica wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy 2019!

Christmas holidays and the end of the year are approaching, and the thought is running for the last twelve months. The year 2018 was particularly important for Vuototecnica, full of new products, contacts and cutting-edge solutions.

Handling rolls of tape with Vuototecnica Octopus

The Octopus vacuum gripping system is the response to the increasingly requested operational flexibility for palletizing robots.

Taking, transfer, release of latex gloves: simplicity and precision at each stage with Octopus

Vuototecnica is able to develop and produce tailored Octopus vacuum heads (also for individual pieces) and according to the final user’s operational needs.

Vuototecnica Octopus in action in the handling of flour packages

Once again, the Vuototecnica Octopus system with customized vacuum heads, created with a 3D printer for individual pieces, demonstrates its ability to adapt to the needs of manufactures.

MECSPE 2019: Vuototecnica waits for you!

From March 28 to 30, 2019 MECSPE returns in Parma, after closing the 2018 edition with the registration of 53,442 professional operators (+ 17% compared to the 2017 edition), thus confirming its central position among the fairs dedicated to the manufacturing sector.

Handling of wooden planks with Octopus

In the video below you can see Octopus BO 12 120X in action when handling wooden planks in line. Please, note the flexibility with which the robot is able to switch between grips and the...