Vacupredator… and flexible packaging no longer slips away!


In this video, you can see a vertical boxing machine in action, gripping and handling cardboard trays with some products, covered by a flexible transparent film.

Traditional suction cups, in this application, had the demerit of excessively deforming the plastic film, often losing the packs with constant machine stops.

Vuototecnica intervened to resolve the situation, proposing its Vacupredator suction cups, ideal for handling flowpacks and in general for all flexible packs: bags, sacks and flexible containers in paper or plastic, containing powders, granules, loose products or liquids.

Vacupredator suction cups are equipped with a slotted plate that allows the plastic film to adapt to the suction cup, and with a special spongy rubber seal that, following the wrinkles that form on the package, prevents vacuum losses.

Guaranteed effectiveness and grip without slipping away.

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