Suction cups work for us and we go on vacation

Throughout this long summer, despite the hot temperatures, Vuototecnica suction cups continued to do their duty (along with vacuum generators, pumps, valves...

With Octopus PJ everything is easier

Creating pallets of packages has never been easier than with Octopus PJ. As you...

Which fill material to choose? Vuototecnica helps you

In the packaging industry, filler material is an important choice to reduce shock during the transportation of products or to better contain...

Moving pouches of fries with Vacupredator

In the following video you can see Vuototecnica's Vacupredator suction cups in action in gripping and releasing packets of fries.

SCARA robot and FVG partners in robotic pick&place

In the pick-and-place of small components, SCARA robots are a good solution: compact, accurate, fast, reliable, and easily programmable for repeatability.


Vacuum insulation panels for construction and refrigeration: a green solution

To reduce global warming, there was much talk (and much was done) in recent years about increasing energy efficiency. In this regard,...

Reduce waste volume with vacuum

As we already know, vacuum can be the right ally for an infinite number of application industries and, from an environmental point...

Vuototecnica and Industry 4.0 on the rise

The 4.0 market in Italy, after a gratifying 2020, despite the critical social and health situation, shows continuous growth.