With flow-pack, cellophane, PVC, cans, bottles, it is important to test the seals for leaks.

In the following video you can see a demonstration of the operation of Vuototecnica’s ATP 04 vacuum testing unit.

As you can see, the application is simple and intuitive: the vacuum is generated in the transparent container filled with water by a multi-stage pneumatic ejector.

Once the product to be tested is inside, it is possible to identify the precise point of air leakage: a pressure plate keeps the packages immersed in the water and in case of leakage, the weak point of the seal is immediately identified because, due to pressure differential, air bubbles immediately escape.

This specific product, ATP 04, also has an extra feature compared to the others in the range: thanks to its generous size (56 lt volume) it allows to test the seal of even very large packages.

The test values are adjustable and repeatable automatically so that you do not have to reset them every time. On request, Vuototecnica also produces special versions of this product to meet the needs of each customer



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