In recent years, the textile and mechanotextile supply chain has been going through great transformations, changes that inevitably come through the development of new solutions better suited to the world we live in. Made in Italy in the sector has always been a source of pride, but now new global trends come into play: among them, the sustainability of production and the digitization of our daily lives.

There has been much talk about Industry 4.0, and the way in which textiles has taken up the challenge of adapting to it is related to seeking new partnerships with the digital and mechanical worlds. Like all industries, smart sensors, cloud, digitized information between departments and for warehouse management, digital administration and much more are becoming part of textiles. But above all, by introducing machine learning algorithms into production processes through machinery thanks to artificial intelligence and with new digital printing techniques, the impact on the environment is less and the results surprising.

Digital printing, for example, saves about 90 percent water compared to offset printing, while also reducing ink and energy consumption for drying. (Not to mention that with digital printing, personalization is undoubtedly increased.)

With a view to minimal environmental impact and greater sustainability in lifestyles, the following are also increasingly considered:

  1. Recycling strategies for sourcing raw materials (for example, polyester fabrics have been created from the recycling of plastic bottles with the same breathability as microfiber and water-repellent and anti-UV).
  2. Controlled supply chain for traceability and use of cruelty free raw materials.
  3. Technological garments equipped with solar panels (for the user’s personal needs).
  4. Fabrics that monitor vital parameters and “light up” in the dark.

All these innovations do not erase the quality of made in Italy and its tradition; on the contrary, they are able to strengthen it, allowing, among other things, a lower probability of counterfeiting.
Vuototecnica, with a 4.0 perspective, has always worked in collaboration with various companies in the textile sector and is the right partner to face the most complex challenges.
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