Agriculture is rapidly evolving thanks to new technologies in which vacuum suction cups play a very important role.

In particular, the harvesting and transport of agricultural products already includes innovations designed to reduce waste and guarantee higher product quality for end consumers.

The latest generation of fruit-picking robots use sensors and vision algorithms to identify and pick ripe fruit with vacuum suction cups.

The gentleness of these suction cups makes it possible to handle all types of fruit without damaging the surfaces and quickly: very useful especially when dealing with fruits that can be easily damaged during traditional mechanical harvesting.

The advantages, however, do not only concern the quality of the saleable product, but also the overall quantity of the harvest, for the same amount of time, given the speed of gripping and release of the suction cups.

The company Tevel, for example, recently implemented suction cup robots for apples picking, thanks to which it reduced waste and increased fruit quality.

source: Tevel YouTube channel

The integration of vacuum suction cups in agriculture is a significant step towards a more efficient future. Vuototecnica is the ideal partner to build it:


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