Blister packaging machinery for smart and clean packaging


The blister packaging machines are used to package medicines or nutritional products. As the cleanliness of the packaging environment is essential, the machines are manufactured with the utmost attention to detail, thus fully satisfying the cleanliness standards for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

In order to ensure smart and clean packaging, Vuototecnica manufactures PVR1-4 cartridge vacuum generators. These units can be directly integrated into the blister packaging machinery, and are not subject to clogging due to dust and processing waste, thus preventing machine downtime, which can be burdensome in terms of both time and money.

Vuototecnica PVR generators have a maximum vacuum level of -70kPa and offer exceptional performance, even at low usage pressures (2-3 bar).

Contact us to discover the technical specifications of the PVR 1-4 generators!


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