Packaging and handling of crumbly baked goods


Crackers are light and flaky baked goods. The fact is, however, that they are so thin and fragile that one must be extremely careful in order to avoid breaking them. In order to prevent such inconveniences with crackers and other light and flaky food products, their producers rely upon special handling techniques.

Vuototecnica offers BEC vacuum cups for non-contact gripping. Though designed for semiconductor plates, silicon disks, solar cells and foils and films made from precious metals, these units also have a wide range of potential applications in the food industry.

The vacuum cups are based on Bernoulli’s principle, the same theory that explains how an airplane’s wing produces lift. In fact, the “lift” effect that they generate even allows for light products to be lifted, with no need for contact to be made, and is used for a wide range of lifting and separating applications: including sheets of paper, cardboard and stacked laminations. The BEC are equipped with anti-static food-grade silicone rubber spacers in order prevent any lateral movements of the gripped object.

These special vacuum cups can also used for handling crumbly baked goods that produce light powders, such as crackers, thus preventing machine clogging and consequent production downtime.

Flawless handling, with no contact!

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