Professional Centering and Clamping, for glass panels which feature on digital command machines: the solution, Vuototecnica!


In the glasswork industry and in all contexts where panels made of this fragile material have to be clamped, as is the case in the CNC machining sector, there are many factors to bear in mind.

Vuototecnica, with its expansive experience working in collaboration with sector industries, designs and manufactures supports with hidden check pivot to enable rapid centering of the load to be clamped and the suction cups to the work surface.

These anodized aluminium supports are equipped, as standard, with a quick coupling for vacuum connection, therefore, when the vacuum is activated, the plastic check pivot re-enters its housing and it remains there until it is released once again thanks to a stainless steel spring.

It is possible to see these devices in use in the video, where they are applied to some suction cups with ball valve and self-locking support.

The suction cups in question are genuine clamping systems, ideal for vacuum handling of glass or smooth marble, as they are equipped with a special non-slip plastic coating which makes the tangential gripping of the glass, even more secure.

The features ensure a vacuum is only created where the load to be handled activates the ball grip shutter and they are made of a strong aluminium support with a large base surface area, with edge seal. The aforementioned enables safe fastening to the work surface.

These suction cups are available in different shapes and may be modified based upon client requirements.

To find out about the technical specifications and to request further information, contact Vuototecnica personnel at the website


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