Coffee is the most popular drink in Italy and it is also a tonic for the economy of the country.

In industrial packaging plants (bags, filters, capsules) Italy compete for the leadership with Switzerland and Germany in a segment of the market worth approximately 200 million euro. “And it is one of the most dynamic investment niches with attractive profit margins, growing of 10% from year to year,” explains to Sole24Ore, Maldarelli Lorenzo, CEO of Gima, a group of Ima packaging society which has 20% of the world market.

In this industry, also Vuototecnica attempted to bring something new to encourage growth and innovation.

In particular, facilitating the packaging of capsules and of the microperforated fabric coffee pods, thanks to the use of BEC Bernoulli suction cups.

As you can see in the video capsules and pods have different shapes and surfaces, uneven, some have tiny holes that in other conditions would be an obstacle for gripping.

This does not happen with Bernoulli suction cups by Vuototecnica, which are able to generate a laminar air flow that arises between them and the object to be taken. So there is no contact in the gripping phase and in this way we also avoids the dust, while in conventional plants which use normal suction pads, we are compelled to clean every week the vacuum circuit due to aspiration of residues.

Furthermore,  BEC suction cups are equipped with pin stabilizers so that the pod / the capsule does not rotate. The stabilizers are in alimentary silicon rubber, totally suitable to the industry.

Bernoulli suction cups by Vuototecnica are operating starting from a minimum supply pressure of 1 bar.

On Vuototecnica website you can find technical specifications and designs.


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