Unstacking wood panels in a simple and clean way


You see a wooden boards unstacker in action in the video, it is equipped with Vuototecnica products.

This system differs from those normally used, because the vacuum is decentralized.
8_008Vuototecnica pneumatic vacuum generators with integrated ejector, series 150210, allow greater ease of vacuum management and are the ideal product in this field of application.

In fact, the presence of shavings and dust could create system problems, working with wood. But this does not happen! These vacuum generators are in fact provided with an integrated counter-blow with considerably faster grip and release rates and no possibility of clogging.

No more pumps which are far from the gripping hand, no more bulky pipes and cables, which showed a continuous risk of breaking tubes, in the busy daily operations, working in the plant.

In addition, Vuototecnica ejectors allow the independence of each suction cup; thus avoided problems eventually arising from loss of grip of other suction cups.

As you can see in the video, this independence has another advantage. The individual rows of suction cups act autonomously and this creates a shaking action that is ideal for browsing the wood panels. In this way, we can raise two or more panels at one time, and the operations proceed in a fast and secure way.

To know technical characteristics of products used in this application, consult the pdf catalogue.


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