Vacuum sealed packaging control: Vuototecnica offers two solutions


To test the sealing of bottles, jars, plastic or tin cans and, in general, for all hermetically sealed packaging, such as flow-pack, cellophane or PVC packages, Vuototecnica proposes ATP and ATS vacuum testing devices.

These devices are very simple to operate and allow you to detect even the smallest leaks of air from the packaging.

As for ATP, the vacuum is generated in the transparent casing filled with water by a pneumatic multistage ejector. You can put the product inside the container, to locate the air release point. A pin pushes the package into the water. In case of loss, air bubbles identify the weak point immediately.

ATS device operation is intuitive, too.

As you can see in the video, you can put the product inside the plexiglas casing. By creating the vacuum inside the casing, the pressure differential that’s generated between the inside of the package and the volume of the depressurized casing causes the packaging to swell, thus exerting pressure upon the flow pack’s seals. A mini vacuum switch integrated within the ATS system let you to set the test’s vacuum level (based on the legal or regulatory requirements). The standard units are available in two models: The ATS 20, with a 21.5 litre casing and a VTS 10 M model pump, and the ATS 05, with a 5.5 litre casing and a VTS 4M model pump.

ATP and ATS test values are adjustable and can be automatically repeated so you don’t have to reset them every time.

On request, Vuototecnica realizes special versions of both products to meet your need.

Do not miss them at Ipack Ima 2015, you can see them in action.


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