Logo and identification code on each Vuototecnica suction cup: beware of imitations!


The quality of a product depends on the guarantees that the brand is able to give over time to customers, on the effectiveness of the solutions.

For this reason Vuototecnica is keen to mark each product, including suction cups, with the logo and the identification code. Vuototecnica makes a promise to the customer through this identification.

It is a mark of recognizability that allows customers to immediately identify potential false or imitation, which are not Vuototecnica manufacturing.

If you were standing in front of a fake, the quality would not be the same. It would be like purchasing a fake Rolex: it might work but, before our eyes, day after day, we would see the difference in features and functionality, and above all the lifetime is not guaranteed.

Always check the logo and identification code are carried on each product!

And if you have any doubts please contact us.


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