Vuototecnica solutions for the packaging industry



The packaging industry is characterized by many productive possibilities; customization in shapes and materials become a key focus of sales and production.
To meet this need for customization, Vuototecnica redesigned its products over the years, depending on the demands of the industry, and created new ones, in collaboration with the best companies in Italy and abroad.

Vuototecnica products applications are endless. Just to give some examples, let’s talk about forming machines for cardboard, packaging of small items and food in vacuum, manipulation of paper and plastic films, palletizers, bag opener, sealers, pick & place.

Vuototecnica products for packaging provide a great deal of attention to materials of objects to pick up, and aim at energy savings while providing unrivaled seal and execution speed. All this obviously translates into savings and quality for client companies.

In this blog you can find some interesting applications:

Vuototecnica vacuum cylinders in action on a paper sheets feeder

Non-stop packaging: Vuototecnica cartridge vacuum generators

3-way servo operated solenoid valves for vacuum: granted suction flow, high-speed intervention

Code: 08 30 24S. Mission: manipulate plastic films avoiding the occlusion during the suction

FVG Vuototecnica: Carpe diem!

Stable and cost-effective flat elliptical vacuum cups by Vuototecnica

To learn more and find your ideal solution:


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