We’ve already told you that Vuototecnica was on the cover of InMotion, with its new image, but we did not tell you that the new advertising is becoming viral.

Advertising was appreciated because the customer generally identify in it.

After more than 40 years after its foundation, in fact, Vuototecnica never stop to surprise.

What makes the customer surprised is without a doubt the ability to design solutions that meet the demands, even strange or impossible cases.

But the image of the woman in the foreground wearing glasses with the distinctive colors of the company also means:

1. Research allows you to make further steps towards innovation;
2. Try to respond daily to the challenges that production processes in different application fields require;
3. We can do a lot of discoveries every day.

That is why Vuototecnica has never stopped making constant improvement its basic principle.

And you? Can you still innovate?

Production Programme – PDF download.


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