Maxigrip suction cups and MVG 7 vacuum generator: a perfect duo for sheets handling


We already saw sheet handling solutions. In particular, how Maxigrip suction cups (Benz compound) allow for this application an exceptional grip, even when in contact with oils.

Today, however, we see Maxigrip in combination with an MVG 7 vacuum generator, on an end-line robot.

Notice, in this video, how the plates are positioned indifferently vertically and horizontally, with no load loss problems and in a precise manner: each occupying its defined position.

The grip is unmatched, but what about the vacuum generation?

The MVG 7 are autonomous vacuum units. They are lightweight and compact and therefore can be installed in any position, on each robot, and at the same time they have a great suction power.

On an anodized aluminum base, they are assembled:
– A multistage, modular and silenced vacuum generator.
– A micro-solenoid valve for compressed air supply to the generator.
– A micro solenoid valve for the compressed air ejector.
– A screw flow regulator for the expulsion air dosing.
– A unidirectional check valve on, for maintaining the vacuum for use in the absence of electric current, an important feature if you do not want to lose all the work done.
– A digital vacuum switch with switching signal display and led, suitable for managing compressed air supply and providing a safe cycle start signal.
– An anodized aluminum plate, with the connections for the vacuum and an integrated filter which can be easily inspected.

The innovative operation of these generators allows to maintain the vacuum level within the pre-set values as well as to ensure considerable compressed air savings.

Please visit the Vuototecnica web-site to evaluate the product designs.


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