There are a lot of uses of vacuum in the industrial field.

Construction companies are no exception. For example, the use of vacuum for degassing in producing tiles and bricks is fundamental.

In fact, thanks to vacuum, compactness and homogeneity of the mix increase.

In particular, it is necessary to have a pump that operates in high presence of water vapor and clay particulate. And that can maintain the degree of vacuum, regardless of environmental situations.

Vuototecnica has the most suitable solution for the case: the RVP single-stage rotary vane pump, which can reach high vacuum values for this application.

RVP pumps are made with latest generation and high quality materials. They have a very high performance, and at the same time they are competitive in terms of value for money.

Considering this application, RVP pumps are robust and compact, suitable for continuous and very burdensome use.

They feature automatic recirculation lubrication and have a high pumping speed, driven by an electric motor, coupled via an elastic transmission joint (except for RVP 15 model), complying with the latest European regulations.

The noise is reduced as well as the operating temperature. A centrifugal fan guarantees an adequate air flow for cooling.

A large oil recovery tank, equipped with micro-fiber oil removal cartridges, eliminates fumes. A float valve recovers the oil retained by these cartridges. The oil contained in the system performs the functions of lubrication, cooling and sealing between the rotating parts of the pumps and the fixed parts. On the suction line, the check valve is part of the pumps and it is standard. On request, a filter can be supplied to hold suctioned impurities.

Vuototecnica RVP pumps are also equipped with a ballast valve to drain the high percentage of humidity and condensation in tiles and bricks molds.

Moreover, for the protection of outdoor installations it is useful to consider the range of siphon filters, FS series, to avoid any direct water flow to the pump.

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