The brand new Vuototecnica Vacupredator suction cups had a great success at Mecspe 2019.

Designed to facilitate robot integrators in one of the most difficult tasks in the field of handling in the packaging sector, they are perfect for picking up bags and flow packs, which are difficult to take by traditional rubber suction cups due to their flexibility.

The suction cups can be supplied round or elliptical and in different sizes and configurability, based on the customer’s needs.

They can also be customized, depending on the type of product to be handled, and according to the depth of the suction plate.

Available in different compounds, types and heights, they can be powered from different vacuum sources such as electric vacuum pumps, pneumatic vacuum generators but also from side channels impellers.

The Vacupredator suction cup metal support allows various configurations for fixing to the robot arm: maximum application flexibility.

As usual, you can consider other accessory components from Vuototecnica range such as cup holders, joints and vacuum switches with different signal types.

Vacupredator suction cups are ready to “bite” your packages with boldness and security.

Are you ready to know them? Contact Vuototecnica designers:


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