From the world of distributors. Investing in vacuum is the winning choice!


Interfluid ( knows it well. This company based in is the exclusive distributor of Vuototecnica products in the area of Varese.

A choice that has proved to be rewarding in a macroeconomic context marked by deep world recession, as stated by sales manager, Gianpaolo Sala:

In the past, we have purchased Vuototecnica products to complete the applications required by our clients. Therefore, we considered vacuum products as integration to our core business: pneumatics.

With the arrival of a new sales force in our company, we have reconsidered the position of Vuototecnica products, opting for a new strategy investing on their large scale promotion. At the same time, Vuototecnica’s constant strive for innovation, presenting new technical and commercial initiatives, has favoured the development of new products that allow us today to be on the market always up-to-date.

What are the results of this collaboration as of today?

The simultaneous innovative situations have started a remarkably positive sales trend. Turnover has quadrupled and hasn’t decreased not even in this time of crisis.

How has the relationship between you and your clients changed given the type of service offered?

With the mutual collaboration agreement we do our job with more resolve, knowing that we are working for the present but we are also investing in the future.

Vuototecnica assists us in difficult commercial negotiations and supports us with top quality technical assistance, allowing our clients to carry out tests at their laboratories and testing rooms, thereby putting their forty-year experience at our disposal.


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