La Sfera Srl: Sabino Lamanna tells us how to carry copper bars from the automatic warehouse to production lines


LaSferaLa Sfera S.r.l. situated in Cernusco sul Naviglio (MI) has been working for years to help Vuototecnica end customers to choose the right solutions. La Sfera collaborates with technical departments to find the ideal solution and develops projects of plant, machinery and equipment, providing Vuototecnica solutions for automation.

We interviewed Mr. Sabino Lamanna and he explain us the success of the products we see in action in this video.

“We created, with one of our customers, a portal for transporting copper bars from the automatic warehouse to the production line.”

As you can see from the video, “two different types of suction cups were used to lift them, because the size and the weight of the bars vary constantly. The number of suction cups that are activated depends on their type and weight. The minimum weight is 0.5 kg. The maximum is 40 kg”.

Even the size of the products to be handled changes constantly: “The minimum length is 500 mm, and the maximum is 4,000 mm; the minimum width is 25 mm, the maximum 100 mm; the minimum thickness is 5 mm, and the maximum 50 mm”.

Despite the different types of product and the constant changes in size, Vuototecnica gets along in an excellent way and allows ample room for customization.

“The machine you see in action in this video”, explains Sabino Lamanna, “works thanks to twelve 150310 vacuum generators with SSX ½ silencer , which makes them very silent; one 122010 P digital vacuum switch; twenty VEP 3060 B elliptical suction cups and seventy 082511 A round suction cups”.

You can visit for more information about Vuototecnica products you see in this application and to know their specifications.


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