A family company: a secure and dynamic business


The constant increase in products as well as the technical evolutions of the solutions that are available make for a company that is competitive; one that and has its finger on the pulse of the market.

A company that has understood the competitive abilities of Vuototecnica, ever since the very beginning, is Modena’s FIAP Srl.  The company has expertise in the industrial supplies as well as pneumatic equipment fields, and has been an official distributor for Vuototecnica for 32 years.

At the end of the Sixties, both Vuototecnica as well as FIAP were emerging companies, and Vuototecnica was already standing out as the most interesting company on the Italian vacuum technology market,” explains Eros Righi, founding partner and FIAP Purchasing Manager. “Ever since our first dealings we noticed we had many things in common: both companies invest heavily in the future and aim at delivering to the vacuum market products that are more and more useful and innovative. We know that from Vuototecnica we’ll be able to find the very latest in pumps and vacuum generators!.

The relationship that Vuototecnica is able to establish with its distributors is quite special and it is easily then built upon in a short span of time, guaranteeing quick and more secure services.

What I like to say is that ‘we speak the same language’ as Vuototecnica”- continues Eros Righi, “and the relationship we have built is stronger and, inevitably, more personal. We have a certain amount of experience and we can affirm that the feeling of family that Vuototecnica has managed to maintain throughout the years is one of its strengths: the supply chain’s logistics are more direct and shorter, which in turn give more guarantees to us and to the clients. And even when management was passed down from father to son, nothing was tarnished. Rather the company has been rising to greater heights, reaching the position of the only leading Italian company able to seriously compete with foreign companies.

The range of Vuototecnica’s numerous products has never stopped piqueing the interest of FIAP, who, regardless of the 2009-2010 economic crisis, continues to grow with a positive increase of 15% in sales thanks to Vuototecnica’s vacuum solutions. FIAP, also, has recently moved to its new headquarters, still in Modena, in via Palach n.75, approximately 2 kilometres from the previous location.

Vuototecnica is undeniably a very important supplier,”

concludes FIAP’s expert, “who is also indirectly responsible for the success of FIAP, which has grown in parallel with the company throughout the years, laying the groundwork for large investments”.


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