Vacuum technology in a single case, the Vacuum training Box


Everything you need to know, or nearly so, about vacuum technology, about the secrets of this world rich in charm and appeal but, more importantly, technology, know-how and professionalism in a single case.  This is the new brilliant idea by Vuototecnica, who created the Valigia Vacuum Training Box (VT BOX 01) case.

This is not your everyday case, with everyday content. The Valigia Vacuum Training Box case is a valuable educational, training and information tool that Vuototecnica, a leader in the field of vacuum technology, provides to customers and distributors of its products, schools, students and technical and vocational schools.

It is a truly complete kit that provides an educational and informative overview about the world of vacuums, their technical use, and the technology that allows their efficient use.

To receive a case, simply contact Vuototecnica via e-email to:


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