Octopus by Vuototecnica: the very best vacuum gripping system


Vuototecnica always has a solution at the ready when it comes to providing its customers maximum efficiency and quality. To supply the ever growing demand for Operational flexibility of robots and vacuum gripping systems, the Octopus line of vacuum gripping systems was designed.

Octopus works in complete safety, providing grip for any kind of objects with any shape, without continuous shifts or changes of position. Effectiveness in all conditions: Octopus ensures perfect grip, even if the surface of the objects is only 5% of the entire suction plane.

Octopus has a wide range of products for all requirements, accompanied by an equally wide range of accessories and items.

In particular, the systems are comprised of:

  • A vacuum generator powered by compressed air;
  • A box made of anodised aluminium, open on one side, with an integrated suction filter made of microfine stainless steel mesh, which protects the vacuum generator and is easily inspectable;
  • A suction plane that closes off the box, also made of anodised aluminium and covered by a special perforated sponge rubber, able to perfectly adapt to any surface that needs to be gripped, either smooth, rough, or uneven.


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