With Vuototecnica at Christmas there are no unpleasant surprises


With Christmas just around the corner, the confectionery industry is working at full capacity to manufacture all kinds of goodies: chocolates, snacks and candy. For proper packaging, keeping in mind the correct product quantity, Vuototecnica has designed and created a mini cup holder with magnetic sensor that allows the suction cups to handle pieces while simultaneously counting them, thus preventing the unpleasant surprise of a partially empty box of chocolates.

This innovative cup holder has been created to satisfy the needs of a large Italian multinational confectionery company and is therefore able to support a cyclic, continuous and laborious grip and release process. The magnetic sensor is a very important part of the device. It gives an electric impulse to the handling machine each time suction is carried out properly. Instead, a signal is given to the PLC when pieces are not taken properly. In this case, a second packaging phase will take care of correcting the error.

The mini cup holders with magnetic sensor by Vuototecnica are suitable for suction cups up to a diameter of 20-25 mm, especially designed for these small products, whether they are bellows or traditional cups. The suction cups for food use are normally in silicone and are produced in compliance with the standards regulating contact with food like the FDA, BGA and TSCA.

With Vuototecnica, customisation is always possible, depending on customer needs and application specifications. Many of Vuototecnica products have, in fact, been born from particular manufacturer requirements, like in the case with these special mini cup holders.

For further information, visit the Vuototecnica website and you will find the 3D drawings of the product and you can have a look at its technical specifications.  More…


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