Interview with Matteo Graziani of P-Techno srl


P-technoThe following is an interview we conducted with P-Techno srl, a Vuototecnica distributor located in Roncoferraro (MN). We spoke with Mr. Matteo Graziani.

P-techno srl was established in 2010. It’s a small trading company that operates in the province of Mantua. A number of short-term projects aimed at further improving our relationships with our clients and facilitating their operations are currently in the works, including an e-commerce website that will soon be on-line.


Matteo Graziani, your company has been successfully collaborating with Vuototecnica for several years now… can you tell us how this collaboration began?

It was thanks to Vuototecnica, with whom we had collaborated various times in the past, that I came up with the idea to start my own business, offering the available solutions to both companies and private individuals alike. Thanks exclusively to its knowledge of vacuum technology and its product catalogue, P-techno succeeded in becoming a reference point for customers seeking competent services and high-quality products, like those offered by Vuototecnica.


This manufacturer-distributor relationship provides numerous advantages for the end customer. Matteo Graziani explained how.

This partnership, which came into being with the creation of the new distribution network, has allowed us to concentrate all our commercial and technical efforts on a single synergistic interlocutor. This decision has played a key role in our mission to offer the end customer exclusively the best technologies. This partnership, in fact, is based on a chain of knowledge that’s passed on by the manufacturer to its trusted distributors, whereby the product becomes an actual “solution” for the end customer.



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