Oil bath suction filters: impalpable powders are no longer a problem



In the ceramics industry, as well as in any context where large quantities of dust or powders are present, such as the field of bagging machinery, the vacuum cups employed can take in large quantities of dust less than one micron in size.

In cases like these, traditional suction filters would require the use of cartridges with high filtration ratings, thus reducing the vacuum pump’s suction capacity.


FO160_4It is precisely for this purpose that developed our high-autonomy oil bath suction filters FO 160 and FO 300: for filtering out even the finest impalpable dusts without decreasing the pump’s performance.

These exclusive Vuototecnica filters ensure greater maintenance autonomy for the vacuum sources connected to them, and can even be used to eliminate the vapours and volatile substances that could otherwise easily contaminate the lubricating oil in lubricated vacuum pumps (MV or VTL series).

These filters can be used with any type of oil, even used oil, provided that it still retains a minimum viscosity level. The internal filter elements can be easily removed and washed, and the entire operation can be carried out quickly thanks to the release clamps that hold the structure in place.

Their ease of use is also guaranteed by the presence of two visual indicators, which allow the operator to check the filter’s oil level and clog status.

To find out more about the technical features and available flow rates, download the Vacuum Solutions catalogue (also available for the iPad).



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