Taking, transfer, release: accuracy and stability at each stage with Octopus


You can see Vuototecnica Octopus vacuum gripping system at work in the video below.

Octopus provides great confidence and stability in all steps (grip, translation, storage of containers).

The customer installed a PV plate, with bellow suction cups in silicone for food.

The most obvious benefit of these special suction cups, as you can see, is that each pack plastic is picked up in a very firm and secure way, although there are sometimes differing heights of gripping. The bellows structure of the suction cups makes it possible to compensate for different levels and take items without problems.

Considering instead the step of the transfer of pieces, Octopus is able to offer maximum stability thanks to the excellent degree of vacuum generated by the PVP multistage Venturi mounted on the Octopus device, Vuototecnica branded.

The stability reflects positively in the last phase of the process, too. In fact, the customer has a great satisfaction in positioning, during storage of pieces. It is almost impossible to achieve the same precision using side channels aspirators that allow to suction cups to pick up items but make them dangle during the movement phase. The undulating movement has negative effects on the release, which becomes inaccurate. This is because the side channels aspirators usually have large air flow rate but low vacuum degree. Octopus instead solve the problem and gives you maximum efficiency in every phase.

To view the specifications, you can consult the Vacuum Solutions catalogue.



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