The importance of silence



When operating with pneumatic vacuum generators, you often use devices that maybe are valid from the point of view of efficiency and use, but are problematic in terms of living conditions in the work environment for the noise they cause expelling air from the venturi exhaust tube.

For this reason Vuototecnica has been working to make the everyday life of professionals sustainable, proposing its range of exhaust silencers, SSX and 2SSX, which can be assembled on single stage and multistage vacuum generators. You do not know the importance of silence until you try; after all, you spend most of the day at work and better conditions often mean improved productivity and concentration.

SSX and 2SSX silencers are composed of a hollow cylindrical body, made of anodized aluminum, which contains rings of special material in natural fibers, sound absorbing and resistant to possible vaporization of oil and liquids.

Their “free flow” configuration (with an air passing open discharge hole that recalls the silencers for guns) avoids any risk of clogging that you normally have with traditional silencers for compressed air that are generally closed. This clogging is normally generated by mixing powders coming from Venturi aspiration that join ejector supply compressed air condenses or oil vapors.

SSX and 2SSX silencers are able to significantly bring down the noise of the air during the discharge of vacuum generators; two versions are available, which are characterized by the length: longer the silencer, greater the noise reduction. You can get a reduction in noise levels from -13 to -20 dB (A) with a temperature from -20 to +100 ° C.

Standing out for efficiency and effectiveness of noise reduction, they have already been used for other applications such as insulation of exhaust valves or pneumatic cylinders.

To see the whole range and seek advice from Vuototecnica designers:


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