Vuototecnica Octopus becomes compact and lightweight


When there is a need for very fast cycles for small objects manipulation with Flex Picker robots, you need clamps and vacuum gripping hands capable of adapting to required formats.

You can see Vuototecnica Octopus vacuum gripping plate in SO DO 10X special version, in this video. It is round shaped and small size (100 mm diameter) but, as you can see, it guarantees the same advantages of other Octopus solutions.

Its gripping plate adapts perfectly to the gloves size and shape and the most interesting thing is that there is no need to reposition the suction cups even when the surface to be taken occupy only 5% of the gripping plate.

Octopus vacuum gripping systems can operate vertically, horizontally, inclined and even upside down with respect to the gripping plane and they are made in resistant and low maintenance materials, such as anodized aluminum.

A multistage low consumption of air ejector is installed on the machine for the rapid generation of vacuum by means of a simple valve for compressed air handled by the customer.

Vuototecnica produces tailored heads for individual pieces; there are also plastic material (Pom) versions in order to limit the weight. Extreme personalization, according to the needs of the customer.

To learn more, contact Vuototecnica designers:


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