Vacuum cylinders for the printing / packaging industry


Today we introduce this application of Vuototecnica vacuum cylinders dedicated to operators in the printing / packaging industry, to press, and to anyone who has to handle and move sheets of paper or other light materials.

As you can see in the video, the printouts are peeled one by one from the pile, thanks to the rapid and repetitive action of the cylinder, able to filter air between one sheet and another.

In doing so, there is no risk of taking two or more sheets together, stuck together.

The withdrawal of the single instruction sheet by the two suction cups mounted on the mechanism, as you can see, is fast and precise. In addition, the sheets are not crumpled by the contact, which is delicate, with the suction cup.

Please, notice how as soon as the lip of the suction cup creates a seal on the sheet, the vacuum cylinder has the unique advantage (not offered by pneumatic or electric cylinders) to adapt autonomously and retreat to the different positioning heights of the object to be taken.

To evaluate the technical specifications of Vuototecnica vacuum cylinders:


  1. We are manufacturing automated machines for Garment industry. we need good solution to pick one sigle fabric piece ( size 4 inch x 4 inch to 4 inch x 20 inches) for a pick and place solution. presently it picks more than one piece or bunch. Can you send a good solution. We feel the fabric pieces are sticking each other as cutting is done by layers of about 25 to 50. Thanks.


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