Bernoulli suction cups: it’s not magic, it’s a project


In the video below you can see Vuototecnica Bernoulli suction cups in the handling of rusks.

Given the friability and delicacy of baked goods, there was the challenge of moving the slices without breaking them or damaging them, which would have been quite complex with classic grips or suction cups.

In this case, however, Bernoulli suction cups allow picking and lifting, without any contact, the slice, at an incredible speed, as you can see.

The rusks are placed in the right position on the belt also thanks to the antistatic silicone spacers, placed on the gripping plane of the suction cups, which have the function of preventing the transverse movements of the object in the grip.

It seems to see a juggling, a spell: the slices carried from one side to the other with skill. In the slow-motion part of the video, the magic, however, is soon unveiled.

The principle that moves these suction cups is the same that occurs when a light disk is placed in front of the end of a tube from which air flows quickly, for example.

Because of this characteristic, Bernoulli suction cups are ideal for taking and handling fragile and porous objects, such as baked goods.

They are also used for many other products that require maximum delicacy such as semiconductor plates, silicon disks, solar cells, precious metal sheets, films, fabrics, felts etc.

They are made of anodized aluminum, with a central stainless steel contrast disk.

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