An online case history at your fingertips


We often share application videos on this blog and comment on the usefulness and strengths of Vuototecnica products.

The videos are not archived once they have been published on the blog and sent via newsletter. They remain online, available to readers, on Vuototecnica’s Youtube channel.

If you wish to have the case history “at your fingertips”, you can subscribe to the channel and browse through hundreds of videos, uploaded over the last 12 years, side by side with customers and distributors, to create ad hoc solutions that are effective for every single need.

On Vuototecnica’s Youtube channel you can find videos in order of upload, or explore the contents in Playlist mode, by sector: glass and wood industry, food, packaging, plastic materials, pharmaceutical, automotive, printing, construction and much more.

You will also find collections of videos dedicated to particular products, such as the Octopus vacuum gripping system, which over the years has proved suitable for hundreds of different applications, with heterogeneous configurations, in every industrial reality.

Seeing with your own eyes the quality and efficiency of Vuototecnica’s work is the best way to demonstrate its value and why you can see how useful it can be for you.

Follow us on the channel, and have fun, finding the solution best suited to your case or designing new ones:


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