Coronavirus. That’s all we talk about. To avoid the pandemic, it was decided to postpone some events and meetings. This is the case of MECSPE fair postponed from 29 to 31 October. Measures to avoid crowds.

Despite the relative stalemate, however, Vuototecnica is not stopping. The activities of normal administration, which include meetings, research, customer relations do not stop.

The generalised panic fuelled by the media and dangerous misinformation triggered behaviour that has contributed to a plague like in Manzoni’s novel, I promessi sposi (The Betrothed).

You can still have human and business contact. There is no prescription for this.

If you read Manzoni’s book, the famous passage dedicated to the pestilence in 17th century, you can see described all the hysteria that somehow have caught us in these days: fear for the foreigner, searching for patient zero, distrust of specialists, uncontrolled rumors, absurd remedies, pillaging of basic necessities, health emergency and much more. But the most interesting thing is that this hysteria, already at the time of Manzoni, and also in the seventeenth century, was seen with lucidity by those who had understood that some behaviors besides being illogical are counterproductive for economy, society, common good and for the individuals.

If we think that the coronavirus is certainly not a pestilence, we realize that to look at our fellow human beings as a threat, to stop living and stop our daily activities is not human. It’s unhealthy. That’s the real disease, maybe. The one that must scare us the most.

That is why Vuototecnica continues its activity, respecting the rules provided by the WHO and the government, but with the same passion and competence as always.

Take advantage of freetime you could have these days to study, read our news, do training.


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