Back from the Mecspe fair in Bologna, Vuototecnica would like to thank all those who stopped by the stand to take advantage of this new opportunity to meet face to face after months of long distance relationships.

Often vacuum is considered a difficult, unknown subject, let alone without a partner who is present and active in solving production, transport and packaging problems. That’s why Vuototecnica wanted, in a moment of exchange with customers and suppliers, to reaffirm its role as a guide along this difficult path.

As a clear metaphor for this concept, the scenography of the stand at the fair recalled the image of a climber, with his back to the precipice, but ready to climb the cliff without fear, knowing where to put his hands.

And after all, the fair turned out to be a good ascent, not only for the human relationships, but also for the success of the solutions presented.

The pumpsets with the new electric panels, digitized compared to the electromechanical panel, aroused the interest of many, because of the new possibility for the customer of a predictive maintenance, with control and management of the functionality of all the pumps, at any time, even far from the machines.

The two-way direct control valves, EGN series and the new vacuum generators M20 M40 M60 SSX were two other highlights of the stand. Davide Bosi, sales director, told us in the video below, inviting customers to follow Vuototecnica’s updates with confidence in the technical expertise of the company’s designers and partner distributors.

To find out more and identify the most suitable solutions for each application:


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