Smart application: new touch screen for the management of vacuum pumpsets

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Generally used for vacuum centralization, Vuototecnica’s safety pumpsets with dual RVP pumps are used in all cases where it is necessary to maintain the vacuum 24 hours a day, such as in hospitals, laboratories and other industrial applications.

As you can see from the picture, they are made up of a tank made of welded sheet steel with a perfect vacuum seal and two RVP vacuum pumps.

There are also vacuum switches, valves and accessories for adjusting and detecting the vacuum level, for vacuum interception and condensate drainage, and many other customizations according to the type of application.

The safety depressor generally provides for the operation of one pump, with subsequent automatic insertion of the second for higher consumption and when, for any reason, the vacuum level of the system drops below the preset value.

But the real novelty in the use of these pumpsets is the new touch screen, the result of the union of a screen and a digitizer, which allows the user to interact with the graphic interface using fingers or accessories, just like it happens with smartphones and tablets.

The touch screen operator panels installed on Vuototecnica depressors, however, are sophisticated man-machine interface systems that can manage depressors in all their configurations.

The great thing is that they allow for truly simple and intuitive interaction.

The electrical panel contains all the command and control equipment, collects the digital signals coming from the vacuum switch to power the vacuum pumps when necessary and is made for a single-phase 230vac 50hz and three-phase 400 Vac 50 Hz power supply with an IP 54 degree of protection.

Inside the screen there is a PLC that manages all the control logics of operation, in manual and in automatic, to have a maximum customization. In fact, the depressor has been designed to operate vacuum pumps in manual or automatic mode thanks to the precise and reliable digital vacuum switches that can be programmed easily.

The bright displays provide a wide viewing angle and an excellent overview of the status of the machine as a whole and of all the systems, thanks to the 7″ – 10″ touch screen operator panels with graphic interface.

It is possible to visualize the vacuum trend through a graph in order to control the appropriate trend and to set up the alarms with panel indication of the type of alarm occurred, for an immediate and simplified troubleshooting.

In addition, when the time comes, system maintenance messages are displayed.

The display turns itself off in energy saving mode and the content can be viewed in 5 languages.

Finally, to finish off on a high note, there is also the possibility of viewing Vuototecnica products by means of a QR code search and of remotely controlling the values of the equipment, a very important feature as it allows you to operate remotely, away from the machines, without additional modules and without worries.

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