A well-sealed package is synonymous with quality control: it allows you to preserve the aroma and fragrance of the food, maintain the quality of a product over time, and avoid unpleasant leaks.

To test the tightness of the seals in flow-pack packaging, in cellophane or PVC, of food products, Vuototecnica proposes the ATP vacuum test system. A simple to use and totally pneumatic device that does not miss even the slightest leak. The air that escapes from packages with defective closure or sealing is immediately detected.

Operation is simple. The vacuum is generated inside the transparent container by a multi-stage pneumatic ejector. It is necessary to immerse the package in water in order to trace the leak, which is evidenced by bubbles coming out from the incriminated point. The test values are adjustable and repeatable automatically. Upon request, Vuototecnica also makes special versions to meet customer needs.

The test can also be carried out without water (with ATS equipment) and to assess the tightness of bottles, bottles, jars of preserves and vegetables in oil, plastic or tin packages and, in general, for all those packages that have an hermetic seal. In the application without water, it is possible to place the bag to be tested inside the Plexiglas container. By creating a vacuum, the pressure differential between the inside of the package and the volume of the vacuum chamber causes the flow-pack to swell, thus producing a pressure on the seals. An integrated mini vacuum switch allows to set the vacuum value of the test (according to law or specifications).

Different capacity bell housings and vacuum pumps of various sizes and capacities are available, depending on the type of product to be tested. The ATP 04, for example, is generously sized (56 lt volume) to test the seal of even very large packages.

At Ipack Ima 2022, Vuototecnica presents a brand new test product designed specifically for testing coffee capsules and capable of detecting even the smallest air leaks, micro holes and imperfect sealing. At the stand you can learn more about this innovation and be the first to verify its effectiveness and know its name.

Don’t miss it! For info: www.vuototecnica.net


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