The suction cup that smooths out all problems


Today we take you on a discovery of an interesting application: gripping deformed and unevenly surfaced copper sheets.

As you can see in the video, the irregularity of the surface is evident, which in handling could mean poor grip of the suction cups.
Here, then, is where Vuototecnica’s round flat sponge rubber suction cups come to the rescue.
Created with a special spongy compound, they are the application extrema to compensate for grip and smooth out all problems when the classic rubber lip of suction cups is not enough.
They work on uneven surfaces, even very rough and coarse ones, and can be quickly mounted on supports thanks to a self-adhesive system with very high adhesion.
Because of all these features, flat round sponge rubber suction cups are the preferred choice of those who work with sheet marble, rough fabrications, tiles, grit and various other building, industrial or construction materials.
Sponge rubber is also suitable for a very high temperature range of -40 °C to +80 °C, and in case the sheet metal has an oiled surface, an NF neoprene alternative is available.
The supports are made of anodized aluminum with a central threaded hole for attachment to the arm; finally, for some models there is a side threaded hole for vacuum connection.
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