The year 2023 is starting off in the best possible way for Vuototecnica, with many projects in the works and, above all, many opportunities to see each other live, at trade fairs or at the offices, laboratories and classrooms in Beverate di Brivio (LC), Italy.

To start off on a high note, in March, Vuototecnica is attending Mecspe, the international trade fair of reference for the manufacturing industry, which is from 29 to 31 in Bologna and see the participation of various players in the supply chain.

The appointment is important because the three themes of the fair are symbolic for the company’s new activities and will act as a driving force for the more immediate future. The key words of MECSPE are in fact training, digitalization and sustainability, words that define, in part, the mission that has always distinguished Vuototecnica.

There are several innovations that the company is presenting at the fair and then later in the year.

Training continues both in the dialogue with distributor-partners and in the desire to find growth projects in the territory.

Digitization, in several projects during 2022, for example with the creation of digital screens for remote control of depressors and other devices, is one of the focuses for 2023.

Finally, sustainability remains the ideal horizon from which to never look away: Vuototecnica is strong on the energy efficiency inherent in the use of vacuum and is working toward improving this quality.

Start marking your calendars, then, for the March appointment so you don’t miss the opportunity to talk with Vuototecnica designers and sales staff and walk together along the same path of satisfaction and efficiency.


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