Do you need to handle wood or plastic panels, thin glass or marble slabs, delicate sheet metal, ceramic or baked clay tiles? In general, delicate or slippery surfaces?

Vuototecnica has a range of round flat suction cups suitable for the task.

These suction cups have a lip, which is barely inclined, low and strong, which does not make them crawl on the surface during the grip, even when it occurs vertically.

In this way, the support surface proves to be stable and also the volume of aspiration air is reduced.

The internal conformation of the suction cup, with particular reliefs, in fact, allows an unparalleled grip, even on particularly large panels with considerable energy savings.

For more delicate loads, the gripping surface is not deformed; for those that are more slippery, the suction cup does not slip. A real relief.
These suction cups can be fitted without glues, on the anodized aluminum support and locked by the relative ring.

To view the technical specifications:


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